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The wrath of brothers...
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Date:2005-12-15 23:42
Mood: Want Sakon!

EW. Just back back from that...Place I was stuck at with Sasuke. Those people were so insane. They kicked me out because I was troubling 'The boy-who-lived' *Snort* Sasuke you bitch...And they said my skirt was 'dishonorable' HOW WAS IT DISHONORABLE?! It's your uniform!

Grrr...>> ANYWAY! I'm home. I want Sakon...I've missed him...T_T

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Date:2005-12-03 21:27
Mood: annoyed

Saaaaaaaaaaaaakon....Can I see you? T_T Please?

Sasuke...>> You need to find whatever crawled up you ass and pull it out. Maybe you won't be so bitchy then.

Orochimaru-Sama...Since I can't seem to find you, I need to tell you about that mission you gave me...>>;;

I'll simply say this....Mission complete. <<

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Date:2005-11-27 18:53
Mood: blank

I...Want....A mission.

...I think I'm slowly going insane...

Sasuke...You think I can talk with you sometime soon?

I miss spending time with Sakon...Being too tired for him to say more then "I love you good night" is getting highly annoying.

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Date:2005-11-09 04:21
Subject:Oops There. >>
Mood: grateful

I...Did something pretty stupid...Yup. Luckily Sakon forgave me. < 3

Sasuke...Thanks for being there.< 3

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Date:2005-10-31 15:26
Subject:Saaaaaaaaaaaakoooooooooon! < 3
Mood: contemplative

The ice cream stall is going so well! And so is Sakon's pizza stall! ...I love having so much money...*_*

Sakon....T.T I haven't seen you in a while....Where are you? We should go on a date or something! XD Also...I bought you more cigarettes. u.u

And...Sasu-Bitch....>>;; If...I was a bit mean the last time I saw you.................Sorry. >>;;

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Date:2005-10-15 05:34
Subject:All is right again!!
Mood: chipper

Gai...I had such a great time talking with you. We had much more in common then I thought! I can't wait to have hot choco with you and talk more. X3 When ever I see a sakura tree I'll think of you~!

But...I won't be wollowing in angst. My brother said he would try to be less of a jerk, so all I can do is hope that he follows through...All that I said still applies though. *Nod nod* I will help with Neji if it comes to that. Speaking of him, I hope your talk with him went well...

SAKON! I love you! < 3

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Date:2005-10-12 00:43
Mood: bitchy

...Sakon...I kind of, sort of, in a way...Used most of the stuff in the first aid kit...I also took the last of the pain killers. We're going to need more... ~_~;;

Sasu-Bitch...I..Hate you...So...Very much. Fucking whore. DIE.

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Date:2005-09-21 05:57
Subject:I need an icepack...
Mood: sore

Ow...My poor head...@_x

Brother I need to speak with you. >>

Kankuro? Would you care to spend some time together?

Gai...I will keep my end of the deal. Have no worries.

Taya-Chan! I can't wait for your party. X3 Remember if you need help with it, just ask.

...I think I'm going to take a nap now...

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Date:2005-09-20 05:29
Mood: complacent

I...Do not like Bitch Kiba. >>;

Nor do I like Sasu-Bitch Sasuke all to much...

But I do love my brother. Sakon...Last night was fun...We need to do stuff like that more often...Why don't we? T.T

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